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Industry Food Beverage, Other Trades Services
Start Up Level Series A
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Address 2nd Floor, Trung Yen 1 building,Vu Pham Ham Str, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi
Phone 19002075


"Di Sieu Thi" Joint Stock Company operates mainly in the field of E-commerce with the mission to create a nationwide business network and reach out to the world as the connection which bring the greatest benefits to the customers and suppliers. is the first in Vietnam develop FMCG - is a online shopping channel that allows customers to order, pay and receive goods at home in a simple, fast and convenient way

For customers, helps improve the quality of life with the criteria "Convenience - Safe - Savings"

Convenience - Anytime, anywhere you want to go shopping with thousands of products from many supermarkets in the city. will buy and ship to you within 02 hours

Safe - help you choose the fresh - delicious - quality products from the most prestigious supermarket in the market

Savings - ensure the publicity and transparency of the product price as the same with supermarket price. Moreover, you will be able to save more time, effort, and spend more time on work and family happiness.

For suppliers, is a new, modern distribution channel with utilities, customer services, sales boosting, low down the costs and maximize the corporate profits for the suppliers. With, suppliers have access to new and abundant customer resources.

For society, creates a large business network which contributes to e-commerce development in Vietnam and motivate the social modernization.

More information was launched in early 2012 with the development of e-commerce market in Vietnam. was established on July 5, 2013. Until now, is still the first and the only company in Vietnam develop an online consumption platform ( FMCG).

Currently, has provided services for the whole city of Hanoi with dozens of prestigious suppliers and tens of thousands of quality products have been posted on the floor.


In 2016, will expand its services to Ho Chi Minh City and is expected to triple the number of suppliers and products sold on the floor. At the same time, Disieuthi has released new versions of its website and mobile applications, adding new features to its customers for added convenience and personalization.


With the goal of building Vietnam's largest online retailer, Supermarkets are constantly searching for reputable suppliers, improving service quality, expanding their operations from Hanoi to the whole country. Water and beyond is replicating the model to neighboring countries.

"Di Sieu Thi" Joint Stock Company

Address : 2nd Floor, Trung Yen 1 building,Vu Pham Ham Str, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi


Hotline: 19002075

Skype: disieuthivn







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