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Founded In 2016/12/01
Industry Health Medical Services, Human Resources/Personnel
Start Up Level SEEDING
Start Up Type Normal
Address 5th Floor, CIT Building, 6/15 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Phone +84 4 7308 0333


An open medical & health community that quickly connects patients with doctors, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies around the country.

Open letter from ECOMEDIC

For all of us, health is always the most precious thing: healthy to work, to dedicate; Stay healthy and enjoy life with your loved ones. However, access to good quality health care services does not seem to be shared equally among all. Concerned with that, the ECOMEDIC team always identifies and pursues a unique mission: to bring high quality health services to every citizen.


Meaning of the name and symbol of ECOMEDIC

ECOMEDIC is a play on words, linking the two words ecosystem to medical. Simple, easy to remember, the name ECOMEDIC has expressed our team's desire to build a digital health ecosystem in healthcare in Vietnam, connecting patients with doctors or any other which is the fastest, most accurate, reliable, and across all distances

Our aspirations are also reflected in our logo design, combining the iconic icon of the medical industry - the cross- the familiar icon of the social networking community. The color stylized of the chat window has a symbolic meaning, bringing youthful dynamic: pink coral - gentle, nourishing feeling relaxed; Green - fresh, bearing the breath of nature; Peaceful blue - soothing, relaxing sense of connectivity and open space. All of these elements make ECOMEDIC accessible to all ages, bringing medical knowledge and health stories to every home.

Vision, mission

Japan has always admired the world because of the quality of service of dedication and careness. Founded by leading medical specialists who have long experience in Japan, ECOMEDIC has always considered that quality of service is the key to building trust, developing a healthy community in Vietnam. Regardless of age, location, financial capacity, everyone can access to the fastest, most quality, and economical medical service.

ECOMEDIC understands that to make a breakthrough in the health care process is not an instant thing. But ECOMEDIC believes that the companionship, sharing and connection of all of you is a great motivation for us to make our best effort, building the first digital healthcare ecosystem for Vietnamese






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