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Design Bold

Founded In 2015/09/03
Industry Art Design
Start Up Level Series A
Start Up Type Normal
Address 249A Thụy Khê, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
Phone 1900 636529


We Believe

It is the age of visual culture

The world is experiencing a shift to visual content. Never before have we experienced such a rise of image centric social networks.

Images are now becoming the “universal language”, which can convey a message, tell a story, and share a dream all by themselves.



Simple, but powerful design tools

With the smartest and simplest of interfaces, DesignBold gives you every tool necessary to turn your ideas into stunning visual content for web or print media, without any special skills or technical training necessary.


A collaborative platform

Work together and share projects without a hitch. DesignBold provides an arsenal of tools that let whole teams create beautiful designs together. For enterprises, giving input and tweaking the design has never been easier.



[VTV1] DesignBold đại diện Việt Nam vào vòng chung kết Echelon Asian Summit 2017




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