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Creative startup - the key to business success in the F & B industry. "

Mr. Dam Quang Thang Author

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>> Starting a business with a creative idea or a perfect business plan would catch the trend?
Most efficient restaurants / cafes are associated with a product or a creative idea. That is the decisive factor for creating "HOT" for products and services in the market filled with similar products. This is a safeguard to eliminate ineffective business practices that lead to bankruptcy or premature death. Creativity is the deciding factor for your restaurant / cafe. "Living healthily, sustainably" because "without ceasing to be creative, there is no fear of death."
So: Where is the core issue of F & B creation?
>> The answer lies in the program: "Creative start-up - the key to successful business success in the F & B industry."

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Mr. Dam Quang Thang - Senior Consultant of the National Debate Program, Member of the Board of the Vietnam Innovation Program VTV3, General Director of Agricare Vietnam Co., specialist in innovation.
Mr. Trinh Minh Giang - CEO of Vietnam Management Consulting Company (VMCG), CEO Foodizzi, Chairman of Creative Initiative Group of Private Economic Forum (VPSF).

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